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CBC | February 11th, 2014
“Epic journey of Cree youth charted in new documentary” Read More
Benjamin Masty | February 10th, 2014
“The Journey of Nishiyuu is a new documentary film on the epic walk of Cree youth from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa in 2013. It was directed by Ben Masty, and produced by the Cree Health Board. Gerald Salt spoke to Ben about the upcoming premiere.Read More Staff Staff | March 25th, 2013
” A group of Cree youth have arrived in Ottawa after trekking more than 1,600 kilometres through bush, snow and frigid cold temperatures in support of the Idle No More movement. Since starting the walk – called “The Journey of Nishiyuu”– in mid-January, the seven-person group has picked up hundreds of supporters, many of whom marched into the capital with them Monday. Organizers say around 270 walkers finished the journey to Ottawa. ” Read More
DAVE CHAN | March 25th, 2013
“In pictures: Journey of Nishiyuu comes to a close” Read More
CBC | March 25th, 2013
“Cree walkers finally arrive in Ottawa on Idle No More trek” Read More | March 25th, 2013
“Hundreds rally on Parliament Hill during the afternoon of March 25 as the Nishiyuu Walkers end their 1,600 trek from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa. “You have led the way — not by words, but by action. You’ve inspired us,” said Chief Gilbert Whiteduck to the six walkers. The message of their journey: “to prove to other First Nations across Canada that the Cree Nation of Quebec are not sellouts, but keepers of the language, culture, tradition and more importantly; today, we still carry the sacred laws of our ancestors.” Among the speakers: walker David Kawapit, 18, of Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuaraapik, Mary Tuckatuk, the Kuujjuaraapik youth representative, and Romeo Saganash, MP for Abitibi-James Bay-Nunavik-Eeyou” Read More
CBC North | March 21th, 2013
“There are a number of challenges – first is the elements. You have to face the elements in the wintertime. The cold and the storms and stuff like that. And also at night it’s very cold. You have to make sure you don’t get cold when you’re sleeping,” he told CBC North. Read More
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith | March 21th, 2013
“Their numbers have swelled to about 200 as many people have joined the walk as they stopped in communities along the way. They’re hoping to arrive in Ottawa on Sunday.” Read More
Cathryn Atkinson
Cathryn Atkinson | March 18th, 2013
“Indigenous youth on epic journey to Ottawa deserve attention and respect” Read More
Shannon M Houle
Shannon M Houle | March 16th, 2013
“Six young Cree men and a guide started the epic Journey of Nishiyuu on January 16, 2013, to carry a message to embrace and celebrate culture, hope, peace, the protection of Mother Earth, unity and healing of all humanity.” Read More
Melissa Natachequan
Melissa Natachequan | weekly emission
“Host Melissa Natachequan brings listeners in-depth interviews, the Cree Word Challenge Contest, and weekly features on health, women’s success stories, elders’ wisdom and kid’s corner.t” Read More
by APTN National News
by APTN National News | March 14th, 2013
“I started thinking about how I can help out instead of waiting for someone else to start something, so I decided to go with something from grassroots,” he said. “I decided to go on a journey.” Read More
Marco Chown Oved
Marco Chown Oved The | March 08th, 2013
“They’re very determined,” said Matthew Mukash, a spokesperson for the march, who stayed behind but keeps tabs on the walkers. “The second day, in the evening, it went down to –58 and they slept in their canvas-covered lodge. . . . They went on like that for a month.” Read More