They’ve done it!!!

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They’ve done it!!!

They’ve done it!!! Our Nishiyuu Walkers have made it to Ottawa today! What great day this was! Unity, healing and purification has begun. Let the 8th Fire be rekindled for generations to come!

I want to share a story with you all.

A Cree friend of mine has friends living in Wakefield, Qc where the walkers were welcomed over the weekend. (They were treated and honoured with great respect and hospitality!) On the day they left this little town north of Gatineau, my family and I visited these friends of a friend, that evening. We sat around in the living room with our new friends and other guests. Two of the ladies present said they were doctors; one was a general practitioner and the other was a midwife.

We were talking about the spiritual significance and meaning of the Journey of Nishiyuu when the midwife said something unbelievable… but it was confirmed by the second doctor. She said that within 24 hours following the arrival of the Nishiyuu Walkers in that area, seven babies were born! I said, “You know what, when the first group of Walkers left our community, there were seven of them….so what does this tell us? Everyone was quiet for a moment and all of us were at the verge of shedding tears…well, I did. For the longest moment there was a surge of loving energy within the room. It was so amazing!

I thought about this story on the way back to our hotel room that evening and realized that this miracle of life (the birth of the 7 babies) tells us that our youth’s vision to embark upon this sacred Journey to unite peoples comes from the Great Spirit, – the Giver of Life! This was again confirmed in Chelsea, Qc (that hosted the Walkers) when elder Matthew Natachequan, spiritual advisor to the Journey of Nishiyuu, shared his wisdom with us, an eagle flew in from the East and circled above the people.

I truly believe that a new beginning has begun, as foretold in the prophecies. As our youth speakers so eloquently stated today at Parliament Hill, this is not the end of the Journey; this is only a beginning and one that will have continuity.

This has been, indeed, the most important episode in the history of this country. Now, lets take those words we heard today and put them into action. Let’s all be the change we want to see in the world!


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