Schedule of events March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2013

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Schedule of events March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2013

Confirmed timeline of events for Ottawa Welcomes The Journey Of Nishiyuu March 25th 2013

7:00 AM Walkers leave the overnight stay at Chelsea
8:30 AM Walkers reach Hwy 105 and St Joseph Blvd
11:30 AM Ottawa Police close the Portage Bridge for Walker’s entry to Victoria Island
12:00 NOON Sacred fire at Victoria Island lit by Algonquin Firekeeper Peter Decontie
12:00 PM Arrive at Victoria Island for Traditional Menu Please bring own bowls, spoons.
12:30 PM Algonquin Elder Josee Dewache Whiteduck & Welcoming Ceremony The Elder will say when it is okay to take pictures.
1:00 PM Ottawa Police Service officers close northbound traffic at Wellington & Victoria Island off Portage Bridge. Head south/east on Wellington. Crowd and Walkers assemble on Closed Wellington Street
1:45 PM The last person leaves roadway at the Metcalfe gate at Parliament Hill
1:50 PM Chief Gilbert Whiteduck and Algonquin Elder will welcome us to Algonquin on the steps Parliament.
1:55 PM Cree Elder Matthew Natachaquan
2:00 PM
2:05 PM Performers Chisasibi Drummers
Chief Stanley GeorgeWith singers from all Cree Nation communities
2:10 PM David Kawapit 18 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:12 PM Geordie Rupert 21 ysrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:14 PM Raymond (Bajoo) Kawapit 20 yrs Whapmagoostui 1stNation
2:16 PM Stanley George Jr. – 17 yrs Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:18 PM Travis George – 17 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:20 PM Jordon Masty – 19 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:22 PM Johnny Abraham – 19 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:24 PM Isaac Kawapit – The White Wizard Whapmagoostui’s Head Guide
2:26 PM Abby Masty Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:28 PM Mary Tuckatuk Kuujjuarapik Inuit Youth Rep.
2:30 PM Drumming
2:40 PM Philip Rupert – 26 yrs old Chiasasibi – First Nation
2:42 PM Shayna Wesley – Wemindji – First Nation
2:44 PM Alice Gilpin – 21 yrs Eastmain – First Nation
2:46 PM Jenny Ann Blackned – 22 yrs Waskaganish First Nation
2:48 PM Tera Diamond Jolly – Nemaska – First Nation
2:32 PM Benjamin Capissisit – 22 yrs Ouje-Bougamou – First Nation
2:34 PM Darren Loon – 17 yrs old Mistissini – First Nation
2:36 PM Patricia Ottereyes Waswanipi – First Nation
2:38 PM Drumming
2:48 PM Bianca Mapachee Wasa Sibi / Pikogani – First Nation
2:50 PM Steve Papatie Kitsa Sikik – First Nation
2:52 PM Tyranne Ratt (speaker) / Martin Ratt (support) Rapid Lake / Maiigan Ajiki 1st Nation
2:54 PM Sokayna Jerome – 14 yrs old Lac Simon – First Nation
2:56 PM Ryder Cote – 12 yrs old Kitigan Zibi – First Nation
2:58 PM Natalie Mathias – 42 yrs old Winneway – First Nation
3:00 PM Announcement school children buses on Wellington westbound No street crossing for safety
3:01 PM Michael Polson Kawawachikmach – First Nation
3:03 PM Edmond Etherington Moose Factory – First Nation
3:05 PM Drumming
3:15 PM National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
Assembly of First Nations
3:18 PM Matthew Coon-Come, Grand Chief Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee)
3:21 PM Ghislain Picard, Vice-AFN Quebec Regional Chief
3:34 PM Romeo Saganash, NDP MP Abitibi-Temiscamingue
3:37 PM Chief Teresa Spence Attawapiskat First Nation
3:40 PM Elder from Council of Elders Prayer – Cree Elder
3:45 PM News conference for walkers on the Hill
Make room for media for Q & A
5:00 PM Event is over. Permit expires.

Itinerary; March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2013

Thursday 21th : departure to Gracefield at 8 am (39.3 km)
Friday 22th : departure to LOW at 8 am (36.9 km)
Saturday 23th : departure to Wakefield at 10 am (23.2 km)
Sunday 24 th : departure to Chelsea at 10 am (17.2 km)
Monday 25 th: departure to Parliament Hill Ottawa at 7 am (18.3 km)

Schedule of EVENTS will be posted for March 25, 2013 once everything is confirmed. Please note, changes can happen depending on the weather and to ensure safety of the Walkers is a top priority. Thank you Kitigan-Zibi for your generosity, coordination and support! Security and Safety is in collaboration with the Kitigan Zibi Police Force, Surete du Quebec Police Force, Gatineau Police Force and Ottawa Police Force…..a big thank you for you presence.


10:00 am Unity Walk from Arena to Cultural Center
10:30 am Welcoming Speech from Chief Gilbert Whiteduck
Sacred Ceremony by Local Elders
12:00 pm Lunch at the Bingo Hall
4:00 pm Feast at the School Gymnasium
8:30 pm Social and Wrap up


7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Departure to Gracefield




  1. Rita March 20, 2013

    Tansi !

  2. Nush March 21, 2013

    I bow at you all for this incredible initiative. I will show my sons…

  3. Maya-wa March 22, 2013

    It is said that during the time of the Seventh Fire the children through their actions, their questions, their quest will urge the people to return the trail their ancestors walked so long ago, and take up their bundle and to “Idle No More”.

    My’iingan dodem

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