Day off before heading towards Maigan-agik

Posted on March 13, 2013 | 2 comments

Day off before heading towards Maigan-agik

Greetings to all!

The 170 walkers are doing great; having fun exchanging cultural differences and making new friends, today they have a day off for their laundry and medical clinic evaluation. They are heading out tomorrow at 8:00 am towards Maigan-agik 35 km, walkers are determined to walk and ready to go!

I also want to remained you walkers are receiving tremendous help from the Algonquins meals & lodgings are all provided and their are 30 helpers on the route parents should not worry.

I can say this cause I walked in the rain with the walkers Algonquins gave us snacks water and support every 20 mins it was just amazing! How all the community’s in this area came together to help our youth thank you, and may the creator bless you all!

Laura Ekomiak


  1. This is Musko Napiew, writing from Osoyoos, BC I pray for every one on that journey and their family, plus everyone have peace. Keep up the good work, love you all. I’m also cree original. I thank the youth and elders, and all the clan mothers. The Will of the Great Spirit.

  2. Chisasibi March 22, 2013

    Im so happy these young people connected with the Algonquin.Territory.The Algonquins have always been good with their brethern, the the past long ago.I believe they traded with them. I THANK GOD WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE!

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