SNOWSHOE WALK by Diane Ottereyes Reid

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SNOWSHOE WALK by Diane Ottereyes Reid

The Traditional Rites of Passage signify the steps taken at each Stage of Life beginning with the Naming Ceremony at Birth, next, the Walking Out Ceremony ordinarily held after the spring goose hunt where a Child takes the first steps on Mother Earth.

The Snowshoe Walk Ceremony which is normally done with Children between the ages of 5 to 12 as the Initiation to the Teachings of Life Skills for Survival on the Land during the winter season. The Child is provided with the necessary tools to hunt, trap and gather to feed the Family. The Relatives of the Child make the finest of clothing to dress the Child in a new jacket, mittens, hat, wrap around moccasins, warm socks, wrist warmers and of course, a brand new pair of snowshoes all decorated with bright colors to attract the Spirit of the Animals and Spirit Guides needed to have a good hunt.

The Rites of Passage of Life ensure the Wellbeing and Growth of a Child for each Stage of Life to Adulthood.

The Nishiyuu Walkers who walked from Great Whale symbolize that our Way of Life on the land is very much alive! They have walked in the footsteps of our Ancestors so that we all can remember again the importance of retaining the Customs, Traditions, Rituals and the Language of Our Cultures for the sake of Unity, Peace and True Relations with One Another.

Dianne Ottereyes Reid
Morning Star, The Voice of Thunder
From the Bear Clan

Waswanipi, Eeyou Istchee


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