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Hello to all Supporters of the Journey of Nishiyuu,

We did it! And I think we can all agree this Journey will continue to reach new heights in the coming weeks before they reach Ottawa!

Today, we were able to see the walkers off from Lac Simon today and they’ve probably reached their 30KM mark by now. Although it is quite challenging for them, they remain in good hands and spirits! There are now 94 walkers and the Ground Support team is doing an incredible job to make sure the walkers are well taken care of.

With 18 days left of the March 25th arrival date, Laura Ekomiak, Marilyn Jerome (of the Algonquin Nation), Shadrock Trapper, Diana Bobbish, Roger Orr, Christine Chewanish (Gabriel Herodier is taking a well deserved break right now, but will be back on the scene shortly) and all the incredible ground support team are working tirelessly with very little rest in between (Please forgive me if I’ve forgotten someone). They are such a dedicated crew and know that the walker’s are well taken care of. The Ottawa Arrival Coordination continues in conjunction with Lynda Kitchikeesic and her team and they are also working tirelessly to have a successful arrival for the walker’s. We will post details real soon, but you can keep up to date here

Today, I was reminded and re-inspired by what this walk means to the walker’s and the supporters, it was an enlightening experience and know that many of you feel the same way every time you come to this page. Even with much work still ahead, this walk has come so far in reaching many in the thousands and the Mission remains the same since day 1 and that is one of the many driving forces for the team!

On behalf of the Journey of Nishiyuu Walkers and Support team, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts and souls for your dedication, support and breaking the 30,000 mark on this page! We love you all! Don’t forget to continue to spread the word far and wide! ☺.

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