Thunders from the Great North

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Thunders from the Great North

I wrote this when I was 19 years old, and I’ve always kept it until it was edited back in 2001. Anyways it has to do with getting up from our knees and speaking out.

Thunders from the Great North
(Written by Gabriel Herodier, November 14, 2001©)

Once there was this young man, who had a Roar of a Lion and a Heart of a Bear, who never knew he had courage, strength, and enthusiasm, A Warrior of the Great White North.
This young man couldn’t move on with his life, because his anger was so large to carry on his shoulders. And it dragged him down to his knees and crippled his mind, body, and spirit. There was so much pain and sorrow he couldn’t handle. He couldn’t move on with his life because he was stuck between worlds from dreams to reality.
This young man stayed on his knees, struggled to get up, to walk his life to a brighter future which he couldn’t see or put together. It seemed like years, many days, many hours, afraid to make that one step in his life, which would change him forever. And that is, the Journey of Manhood.
He was so young, so little on his knees he stayed there, afraid to get up and walk that path. He was scared like a little lost child, no guidance, no teachings to walk that path, blocking him was a big wall to move on. The hand he needed was his daddy’s hand, but he was gone. The two were split apart from a sickness, a plague called the Residential School. The young man was confused by actions around him throughout his years. And that wall stopping him was his anger, pain, and sadness. He was so scared to go see, to go and see what was waiting for him behind that big wall.
Finally, he looked up and took his time getting up on his feet. On his Journey of healing, everyday he prayed. He saw the skies and the stars many days and many nights. He got stronger because he shared his tears and shared his courage and joy with people. Everyday his heart got bigger and bigger, because he looked back and saw what he went through in life as a young man, and his many problems and his traumatic experiences, transformed into the Power of Wisdom.
Soon to be a man, he walked towards that big wall and said, “I will learn from my actions because I know right and from wrong. I will learn from my mistakes and my wrong-doings in life. I will bring my wisdom, and share with all people, my courage of what I went through and learned in life. I will bring my determination and destroy the wall to the path I seek.” And so people could learn from that young man and learn from each other of what they learned in life themselves. Their experiences to share and care for each other, together they could walk with their knowledge, and step into the Journey of Healing. They will break the silence from the young ones, to great pounding thunders from the Great North. And for them he cared so much, for the innocent, with nobody to guide them through pain, anger, shame, and understanding of what they’re going through.
So together by joining hands they could make a fist so big, they could punch a hole big enough to walk together as a family through that wall. That young man finally walked towards that wall. He was ready to move on and go beyond the boundaries with self-teachings, what he learned in his own way of life and understanding through sympathy to the creators.
Then the young man took that one step forward in his life, to be a man. There he was facing the wall, he raised his fists like hammers of knight, and he started pounding and pounding with all his might. Finally, he broke through and saw the light, no longer in the dark he felt a relief, in his own way of learning which was hard for him. He was no longer crippled, and he could walk once again in his life. He didn’t give up because he battled and fought, and he prayed everyday until he found peace within himself. A new man was born with so much power and wisdom. He was ready to learn once again without the wall stopping him, to walk that path of knowledge, and tests in his life he will journey in his future.
This young man learnt the hard way and conquered many obstacles in his life. He walked that path and moved on with his physical being into this world, and he learned the hard ways to survive everyday without anger. He had a lot of love. He became strong spiritually with the knowledge he never knew he had in him. He shared, he walked, and he helped many people. And then the young one, became a man and made that step in life, and grew up to become a wise old man. And he knows that deep inside his heart he thanks god the creator, for what he now is in life, a proud wise man.

and this what these young guys represent, Thunders from the Great White North, and I cried when I first heard about their walk. I ask pipe carriers too smoke their pipes and pray for them and I also ask others too pray for them as well.
Listen; Off in the distance I hear a soft rumble of thunder coming from the north. Without a doubt the thunderbirds will pass and these young men will bring hope for many others with their courage, strength, and enthusiasm.
Lightning flashes from far away then BOOM! From a far distance as they march with thunderous footsteps on the ground of Mother Earth, the lights will flicker on and off just like their eyes lids as they shut and open when they rest many nights and many days along the way. Being out in the nature dreams will come to you.
Loud thunderous claps created from youth will surprise everyone across this Nation, and some may jump for joy as tears will run down for everyone who will be involve. I pray for you during cold days and I pray for you during warms nights. You’ll be in my thoughts everyday and every night my brothers. Good luck I smoke my pipe for you young men.

Gabriel Herodier


  1. Mahara Allbrett March 6, 2013

    This is beautiful! Thank you!

  2. njm March 7, 2013

    Excellent. Have shared with my friends.

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