Walkers in Matagami

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Walkers in Matagami

We spoke with all the walkers earlier this evening to regroup and refocus, and i got very emotional and so i apologize to the walkers.

We all cheered up afterwards when we all sang Happy Birthday to Abraham Masty and he’s been a road runner from all the way from Whapmagoostui, awesome guy he worked very hard, and we also sang Happy Birthday to Jordin Bobbish a new walker from Chisasibi who started from Waskaganish; futhermore, We all had cake at the Church and it almost broke into a cake fight lol 🙂 anyways walkers are doing good and their getting anxious and yet somehow they’ve learnt to be a patience like our elders. I see determination in their eyes and some walkers even spoke up for the first time who shared their perspective and it moved my heart and soul.

I’m very proud of them on how much they’ve grown and they’ve also help me revive and too believe that the youth have the power too change our communities if they work together.
It started with 7 and now we have 65 walkers on the list and their all making a huge impact across this nation.

Tomorrow we’ll know exactly how many we’ll have by the end of the day cause more Walkers are coming, and walkers are expected too arrive in Pikogan around 4 pm depending on their pace and traffic, but it all depends how the walkers will do.

We do have more walkers that are joining in and so we’re looking at over 70 walkers by the end of the day tomorrow. We’ll have another update by tomorrow and have all the names posted and so We would like apologize to everyone cause we’ve been so busy. I’m not the one who usually post updates but I was asked to do an update while we’re here in Matagami.



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