Warriors heading out to Waskaganish.

Posted on February 16, 2013 | 2 comments

Warriors heading out to Waskaganish.

Good day to all!

Our Nishiyuu Walkers are all doing very well! They left Eastmain this morning heading out to the next Cree community, Waskaganish. It is estimated that it will take them 4 to 5 days to get there. There are 36 walkers to date that have joined the Original Seven, totaling 43 Walkers in all. The participating Cree communities are now Chisasibi, Wemindji, Eastmain, Waskaganish, Mistissini, and Nemaska. We understand other communities will join them later.

We also have Algonquin walkers that will join them once they enter Algonquin traditional territory. In Lac Simon, they’ve started walking on snowshoes daily to get prepared for the Journey and are building lodges along the way where the Walkers will pass through. Merci à tous, nos frères Algonquins de Lac Simon!

To ensure safety and smooth progress of the Journey in southern regions of Quebec, we have people with training and experience in highway safety working with us. The authorities (police, highway safety and others) will be notified of the whereabouts of the Walkers at any given time. A security plan is in the works, as we speak. The necessary permits (where required) to pass through zoned areas and the use of the highway corridors will be obtained in advance. As they enter densely populated areas, security services will be provided to ensure the safety of our Walkers, ground support teams and other participants.

In Ottawa, neighbouring FN communities, events are already being organized to welcome our Nishiyuu Walkers. Many volunteers have come forward to help organize a huge welcoming event in their honour. Concerts, speaking engagements, media interviews and the like, are in the works. Schools in Gatineau, Algonquin and other First Nation communities in Quebec and Ontario will be participating on the day of arrival.

As a concluding note, we would like to remind you all, once again, that our Nishiyuu Walkers wish and encourage us to remain loving, supportive, peaceful and diplomatic in our actions throughout the course of the Journey, always remembering that this is not a protest but a JOURNEY of PEACE, UNITY and HARMONY among peoples!

Aho! Megwetch to all!

Matthew Mukash,
Journey of Nishiyuu Working Group




  1. Natasha February 16, 2013

    In honor of my partners grandmother we have donated to your journey. May the Great Spirit continue to guide you.

  2. Roger Lagassé February 20, 2013

    Very grateful for the spirit of your trek! So very strong inspiration for all Canadians! Your leadership is needed in all the nation now. Thank you for coming forth!

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